Baby Shower Fun



Felíz Wednesday! It’s already the middle of the week. These vacation days are flying by! This past weekend was quite busy! Friday and Saturday were quite busy as I ran errands for a baby shower I was throwing for my sister-in-law. In between the errands  I went and bought ourselves the KitchenAid ice cream attachment. We have been wanting it for a long time and were actually saving our change for it. We love it! Everything at the shower  on Sunday was really nice. I was busy during the shower so unfortunately I didn’t even take pictures of the food. I made Ham and  Cheese Sliders. You can find the recipe here  I also made a salad, my other sister-in-law made potato salad and my mom made homemade tamales.For dessert I made it simple. I ordered a cake, had fresh fruit salad, a coffee punch, meringue cookies made by my baby and some store-bought candy in vases. It was a great day full of food, games, chit-chat and all around happiness!

The theme was a garden party theme. I kind of felt like baby themes have been played out for a while. I kind of just pulled everything together for the theme and it worked so well-rounded out with fresh colorful flowers in decorated mason jars.  The cake table was adorable. I made the banners with gorgeous scrapbooking paper, ribbon and some adorable streamers cut to size for each banner pennant. I took these pictures before I set everything out because I knew I wouldn’t have time to take pictures.

The fresh flowers rounded out the theme so perfectly! And the parents to be are adorable! I’m not being partial just because he is my brother! Ok…just a little partial…I love them to death and can’t wait for the newest princess to arrive!

I’ve gotten a few appointments out of the way already and made it out to breakfast with my parents yesterday. I’ve even gotten a page or two of scrapbooking done. So far vacation is going quite well!

Since it’s been busy and the weather is kind of dreary I made this delicious Stuffed Pepper Soup yesterday. You can find the recipe here

Have a great day!




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