Scrapbook Saturday-Sixth Grade Here I Come!



Last night we attended a Charity Spaghetti Dinner that my son planned for the Leyden Laurel Masonic Temple. This was the first event he has planned. I am so very proud of him. H has grown to be a charitable, upstanding wonderful young man! I can’t wait to see what event  will be next!

This school year is almost over and I just scrapbooked the first day of school for the 2012-2013 school year. Julieta started Sixth grade at out local middle school and I miss having my little girl.  My sweet girl is a young lady! She is already way taller than me!

Too bad they have to grow up. When my children were little I couldn’t wait for them to grow up. Now I wish they were little. There is nothing like them being little and needing us, cuddling with us, wanting to always be with us! I miss that! But I guess them growing up also has its benefits like going to the bathroom without them knocking on the door constantly, being able to sleep all night, going out without lugging the entire house with us. That’s life…give and take!

Have a great weekend!





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