Pumpkin Pie Tamales



Felíz Miercoles! Why is this week going by so slow?? It must be the dreary weather here…and we are supposed to get snow showers at the end of the week. Really? Oh well!

Let’s talk about tamales! Tamales are delicious and  they can be made sweet or savory. Where my family is from tamales are usually made with a pork and red chile filling with a some red chile sauce in the masa to give it more flavor. My mom makes some awesome tamales!  They are usually made at Thanksgiving, Christmas or for other special occasions. I love to eat tamales but I’ve never made them because they are so much work. I have helped my mom assemble them but have never made the actual meat filling or masa.

I finally found the courage over spring break to make sweet tamales. I made them after my crochet lesson that taught me that crocheting is NOT for me! I had the whole evening to make a mess in the kitchen so why not? I found a wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Pie Tamales on this wonderful blog http://sweetlifebake.com/  It helped that I absolutely love pumpkin! The result was excellent! And how do I know that? Because my Papí approved!

I made my own primitive tamalera (pot for steaming tamales) as you can see in the corner picture. My spreading technique wasn’t perfect, but it will get better!

My Papí is a very picky eater. My whole life he only would ever eat at home or certain foods. Comida casera (home made food that my mom makes), shrimp fried rice and sausage pizza-thin crust only. When it comes to poultry he only eats fried chicken drumsticks-no other part of the chicken and not cooked any other way or with anything else. Oh and no turkey! I don’t ever remember him ever eating at my grandmother’s house-super weird! When I got married he was afraid to try my cooking – slowly but surely I convinced him that I would not kill him. Now he eats everything I cook. When I gave him these delicious tamales I forgot to ask him how they were. Last night when he came over he said “Flor, the tamales were really good. I only had one but it was rico”. Well, he really liked them! That’s all I needed for my first time making tamales-my Papi’s ok!

There are all sorts of tamales to make…sweet ones made out of pineapple, strawberry, chocolate and more sweet flavors. There are also many kinds of savory tamales made out of cheese, chicken, poblano and more. I told my Papí that this is just the beginning of the tamale making…I just need to get brave enough to make the savory ones!

So head on over to  http://sweetlifebake.com/  to check out how to make these tamales and other fabulous recipes! Thanks for the inspiration, sweetlife!

PS…my kitchen didn’t even get messy! Thanks, Papí-te quiero mucho!



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