I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had a pretty good weekend. It was not super busy so it was kind of nice. I did the usual running around. Saturday evening I checked out a new Charming Charlie store that is about 10 minutes from me. I love that store! Everything is so neat, organized and color coded! Their accessories are just so pretty! Too bad I didn’t buy anything. When I got home my parents had just gotten there. We were going to make gorditas for dinner and since I have never made them I needed my mom. She also brought the delicious chile colorado and chile verde to use as fillings. Thanks, Mom! My brother and sister-in-law came over too.

I don’t have a recipe but the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. Since you can buy the dough already pre-made it makes things much easier. You can also make your dough using Maseca. We used a tortillero to make the round flatter shapes.

Make sure your griddle is super hot before you put your raw gorditas on it. This will help for them to puff up a bit making them easier to cut.

You can fill these gorditas with any filling you like such as chile colorado, chile verde, frijoles, even an egg like my husband did the next day! They were delicious. It was a lot of fun having my mom and sister-in-law over so that we can make them together. My dad could not stop laughing as I was taking pictures. He just thought it was ridiculous so I had to explain why I was taking so many pictures.

After we all ate and laughed my mom busted out her delicious buñuelos.

These are so goooood! Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and usually fried in lard! Unfortunately, I am sooooo bad at rolling dough that I am afraid to try making these. Maybe I should have my daughter make them. She is awesome at rolling dough and she is only 12!

Sunday was a quiet day….I had to take a nap to take in the extra calories from Saturday! I did decide to do something every Sunday…a phone dump of all my pictures-those on my phone and those on my camera. This way I can organize and keep track of my pictures. I hope I can keep it up.

Happy Monday!





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