Upcycled Magnetic Container



Yesterday was Earth Day and I am just now today getting around to post about it!  I think many years ago nobody imagined the amount of waste and refuse that there would be in the future. Nor did we think back years ago about recycling. Recycling seems to be an art now. So many things can be recycled, upcyled and reused.

When it comes to crafting there are so many people who have really turned upcycling into an art…I am not one of those people, but I try my best.

I am addicted to cute office supplies. There is noting like walking into an office supply store and feeling like you have to run through the aisles to pick the cutest stuff  like paper, notepads, post-it holders, pens and so much more! Thank goodness I work in a place where I need such things! Anyways…If I find something that is on clearance (and of course that I will use!) I buy multiples. These little containers came filled with paper clips I think. I used up the clips and saved the magnetic tin.

This tin is plain and simple.

Then I upcycled it to use for gift giving.

I used some leftover felt to make the flower and added a crochet flower on top of it and hot glued it to the lid. I added a simple piece of scrapbook paper around the tin and that was it! Recycling at it’s best! Tuck some cute office supplies in here or small candies and it’s ready to gift.

Recycling is getting easier and easier to do with so many people sharing their ideas on places like Pinterest. So if you think you can re-use it save it! You might end up with a pile of stuff but if you go through that pile constantly it more than likely will go down!

Happy Wednesday!



Supplies: misc. tin and felt, Stampin’ Up!




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