Veggie Garden 2012



I finally finished a scrapbook layout! Yay! It took me a long time to finally scrapbook again. After I scrapbooked this veggie garden page my husband said “This years garden is going to be even better”. He has worked really hard on the garden this year and I can’t wait to  start eating those fresh veggies!

The garden last year was awesome. This year I fear there will be more canning than last year! Last summer I canned and froze plenty of salsa…so much that we just finished the last jar! I use salsa on just about everything I eat so this year I think I am going to try and can even more. I should really start getting all my canning supplies in order so that they are ready and I am not scrambling at the last minute.

Have you ever tried canning? It’s a lot of work, but actually quite simple! And the best part is that you can seal that freshness and then have delicious things to eat all year round!

Have a great weekend!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!


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