Simple Frijoles Borrachos/Drunken Beans



Not too much going on around here. It’s pretty quiet…so quiet you can hear the crickets! I am so glad it’s Friday! The weekend will be very busy and I love being busy!

When I arrived home from work the other day I found this on my counter…

Beautiful little lettuces! The first harvest from our 2013 garden! They are delicious! I chopped them up and made a salad with quinoa, tomato and a nice oil and vinegar dressing. We  will definitely be eating a lot of salads this summer.

I make  Frijoles Borrachos or Drunken Beans the way my mom made them…super simple! There are other ways of making them but this is what I am used to.

I don’t really have a recipe per say, but here it goes!

Cook one pound of pork chorizo in a dry (no oil) large pot. Add frijoles de la olla or boiled/canned pinto beans including the liquid. The amount of beans should be to your liking. I actually cooked my beans in the crock pot the day before. Add one 12 oz. bottle of beer…your choice! Have an extra beer for yourself. Add some chopped cilantro if you like. Simmer for about 20 minutes or until everything is nice and warm. Serve with some hot corn or flour tortillas and some more cilantro sprinkled on top if you like.

Can it get any easier than that?

Happy Day!




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