I am officially on countdown for vacation! Only 4 days until vacation not counting the weekend! OHHH I can’t wait! It’s been a bit busy here but nothing too exciting this week.

Zumba is making me sad. My feet hurt so much by the time I am half way into it that it makes me want to cry! I can’t concentrate on the routine because the pain in my heels is so bad. It is obviously not for me because of that. Maybe I need to wait until I actually have the proper orthotics for my gym shoes? I guess I should be doing a non-impact exercise. I thought of water aerobics but I really don’t want to put on a bathing suit and isn’t that really for mature ladies of let’s say an age of 80? My husband suggested Yoga but I don’t think I can bend like that! Any suggestions?

I made this card a while back for my swap group but hadn’t posted it. This is a great card to make if you are making a lot of cards where you can use the “assembly line” way of making them.

I really like the way the colors complement each other. This card has a natural feel to it yet it pops because of the colors.

Today is a very important day. My son turns 21 years old! He is such a great kid…I guess I should say man! That is just so weird! I have a  son that is a man!

I took this picture just this past Sunday as he was installed as a Junior Deacon at the Masonic Lodge he belongs to.

I totally remember my pregnancy with him…it was horrible! I was sick for six months! And after he was born he had colic so he didn’t sleep….and neither did we…but it was all worth it! He was so wanted and we are so lucky to have him. I pray that he fulfills his dreams and that he continues to be the wonderful son and person that he is. I am truly blessed that he is mine! Happy Birthday to my Julian! I love you, papí!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, Cricut


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