Watermelon Cooler-Agua de Sandia



How was everyone’s Father’s Day? I hope all the Father’s out there were treated nicely! We hung out with my Dad all day. By the end of the night he probably just wanted to tell us to get out! We had a great time eating and laughing. It was awesome watching my dad with the youngest grandchild who is only about a month old.

Over summer break I try to get in all the doctor’s appointments that we need to and this summer is no exception. That’s what I did last week and that’s what we are doing this week. Pretty routine stuff.

Watermelon….what a wonderful thing! It’s one of our favorite summer fruits! When I was pregnant with my baby my Dad would bring a watermelon over to my house every other day  because that was all I could keep down. No wonder he is the world’s best Dad ever! That and so much more…Thanks, Dad!

This cooler or watermelon water is one of the drinks I love to make in the summer.

The color of this agua is beautiful! It is so refreshing on a hot summer day!

Watermelon Cooler

4 cups diced seedless watermelon

Cold Water just enough to loosen the watermelon and help the blender along.

1/2 tbsp sea salt

1 lime, juiced

1/4 cup sugar or to taste


Place diced watermelon in blender, by batches, add a small amount of water to help the blending process. Blend until smooth and strain. Place strained mix into a pitcher (taste for sweetness) and add salt, lime juice and sugar and mix really well!

Make sure you give the cooler a good stir every time before serving!





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