Handmade Envelopes



So in the course of my vacation I have done a lot of little things. I have tried to keep busy here at home while still being productive. So what have I done? I have made a million envelopes…OK, maybe not a million!

I realize that this is not a new craft but I have a lot of scrap paper that more than likely I won’t use for scrapbooking or card making.Why not use it in another way instead of throwing it out or donating it somewhere?   I used the Martha Stewart Scoring Board to make my envies. You can also open an envelope that you have and trace, score and fold your envelope. Make sure you use a good adhesive on your envelopes.

I also made some envelopes out of the pages of a huge vintage map book. Add some cute labels  or even just plain white labels to the envelopes to make them even cuter.

You can even do some stamping on the envelopes. How cute are they? Now I have a bunch of handmade,personalized,cute envelopes!

Have a great day!




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