Summer Picnic Placemat



My daughter has me addicted to watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. It’s kind of funny because the tutorials I like really don’t apply to me. I could not go to work looking like I should be going to a club…people would think I’m crazy! I am awful at doing makeup but maybe I will learn a little something.

I am still doing some reading and OMG! This last book I read was awesome! I could not put it down!

This book is so well written. The story of Nick and Amy and their marriage which takes turns and twists is amazing. Dead or Alive? Amy or not? You should read it!

When I am looking for simple sewing tutorials I always go to Crafty Gemini. She is amazing! I made these gorgeous Summer Picnic Placemats using her tutorial on YouTube.

Look how well the utensils fit in the pockets.

Roll the placemats up with the utensils and they are ready to be packed in your picnic basket!

Considering I am still a beginner sewer these look pretty darn good..all because of the amazing directions! So go to Crafty Gemini on YouTube and check out how to make these!

Happy Friday!




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