Girly Get Well



It’s Monday and it’s my first day back at work after being on vacation for a while. I was ready to get back to work I am just going to miss my kids! Let the productivity begin…

This past weekend was definitely a movie weekend. On Friday I went to see The Heat with Julissa. It was a very funny movie. On Saturday night after getting over a massive all day headache I went to see Wolverine.   It was very good. A little too much “kung-foo” fighting for my taste but all in all it was a good movie. I have never seen X-Men or any related movie so it was nice seeing Hugh Jackman in such wonderful shape!

So I have been learning how to apply makeup watching tutorials and by being harassed by Julissa. I had seen some makeup from BH cosmetics being used in some of the tutorials and figured I’d buy some palettes to practice with…like I don’t have enough! Anyway I received them  and the colors are stunning! The first time I used them they reminded me of the really cheap makeup that I had purchased when I was in high school.  According to Julissa I didn’t like it because I didn’t know how to us it! Whatever! Every day I use it I like it better and better. I guess it’s all about building up the color…I’m learning!

I also ordered a brush set so that I can have the proper tools. I had to write the purpose of each brush on the brushes…I don’t want to forget!

I don’t craft too much over the summer. I think it’s because my crafting area is in the basement and I don’t want to be down there in the summer. I don’t mind in the winter! I also can’t craft during the day. I feel like my “artistic” or “craftiness” hits me in the evenings. Am I the only one like this? My husband says something is wrong with me! But of course I totally disagree with him.  I have a girly get well card for you today that I made in the evening!

I really like the way this turned out. It has a lot of texture to it. I have always wanted to buy the flourish designs made out of rhinestones but they are so expensive! I made my own flourish on this card using Stickles. Love that stuff!  I hope I don’t have to use this card! Stay healthy, friends!



Supplies: My Mind’s Eye, Beckett, Stampin’ Up!, PTI, Stickles, Bazzil, muslin fabric


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