Enchiladas Vegetarianas/Vegetarian Enchiladas



I am exhausted! I wanted to get back to work and it’s both a blessing and a punishment! It’s nice to be on schedule but I will be paying for  the next two weeks  with a bit of exhaustion and body aches until I get used to being back on that schedule again! I have been very productive at work these last couple of days so I am very happy!

How much red meat do you eat? Once a week? Twice a week or more? How about chicken? We eat a lot less meat than we used to about 5 years ago. Weird! I was always a really big meat-eater but with time I just stopped buying so much of it. We eat much more chicken or ground turkey than we do beef or pork. I even think I can become a vegetarian if I really pushed myself to do it. There are just so many amazing ingredients to cook with. I think it’s about being creative an a bit fearless…so thank you to all those other bloggers who have that creativity!

I grew up at home eating enchiladas made with a filling of just cheese and onions. After getting married  and going out to more and different restaurants I tried enchiladas made with chicken and beef and they really are delicious. I have of course made enchiladas with cheese, chicken, and beef here at home. I never thought about vegetarian enchiladas until I found this recipe that I had to try.

I didn’t even miss the meat when I had these mushroom and spinach filled enchiladas. They were delicious!

You can find the recipe for these awesome enchiladas at Madeline Cocina.

Have a great day!








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