Thankful for you



I don’t even know how to start this post. I apologize because I haven’t posted in about a week. Last Friday my Grandmother passed away. The several last days have been very emotional and busy. My Abuelita Maria was my Dad’s mom. I have been extremely lucky to have had her. She was 95 years old. As a friend put it…”I was spoiled to have had her so long”. Yes, I was. She was the strongest woman I know. She had a very difficult life in Mexico and her trials and tribulations made her a strong woman. She passed that strength to some of her children and grand children. I am blessed to have had her. I am blessed to have such a large family so that we can support each other and be strong for each other. I will miss my Abuelita very much.

My Grandmother always hated having her picture taken and for the most part I respected that and now I wish I hadn’t because I don’t have many pictures of her. This picture was taken this past March for her 95th birthday. It wasn’t until I saw this picture that I realized how much Julissa looks like her.  I am happy to say that Julissa also has some of my Grandmothers strength.

I am soooo thankful that she was my grandmother and I thought it would be fitting to post this card that I made.

The last part of this year has been hard with the loss of both of my grandmothers and of course our family pet but life must go on. I will carry them in my heart always.

I am sorry for this being such a sad and sappy post but I felt that I still needed to get my emotions out. Thank you!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up! PTI, Darice


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