Christmas Thank You Cards



How is it in your neck of the woods? It’s really snowy and cold here! It’s been a quiet last few days.  I’ve been doing the usual things here like visiting my parents, grocery shopping, sleeping, cooking and all that other good stuff.

A lot of schools and businesses are closing here today due the drastically cold weather. It is supposed to be about -52 degrees with the windchill. I am quite alright with schools closing. I feel that the safety of the faculty and children is more important than anything else. I will enjoy my last day home today because tomorrow it’s back to the grind!

I haven’t crafted much at all lately. I am lucky I got my Christmas cards out before Christmas arrived this year. When I made my Christmas cards I had quite a few scraps of paper left. When I was cleaning up a bit on Saturday I decided I would just use up the scraps. I had already written my Thank You cards on all sorts of different cards because I didn’t have a huge number of cards that were the same. Next year all my Thank You cards will be the same style. I like uniformity!

The base of the cards is the paper scrap from the Christmas cards I made. All these cards are 3″x 3″. All the other paper I used were scraps from other projects I had made before. These little cards were so easy to make.

Since I will be locked in my house all day today I hope that I can be productive at least in the crafty area!

Where ever you may be…be safe!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, Recollections, Hero Arts, Sizzix



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