Criss Cross Valentine




I hope everyone had a great week. The weekend got here really quick since it was a shortened work week!

I went to Zumba on Wednesday with my new orthotics for my gym shoes. I was so happy! It went pretty well. My feet hurt very little the next morning. I think I might be able to do Zumba at least twice a week if my feet do ok. I love doing Zumba because it’s like dancing and I love to dance but hardly get to go out and do that.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I am such a romantic at heart. This year for the swap group I am in we are going to try and learn different techniques. The last swap was a Valentine’s Day criss cross card. I love this card.

I would have to give this to someone I really love because there was quite a bit of cutting involved.

Have a great weekend!



Supplies:  Stampin’ Up!, Gartner,


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