Recycled 6 Pack Holders



Happy Belated Earth Day! This sounds dum but yesterday I was thinking about all the little things I do to be nice to our earth. I recycle, I upcyle, I  reuse, I try to reduce.  I even carry a reusable bag in my purse and use it when I go shopping instead of taking the bag from the store…my husband laughs at me!

A few weeks ago I upcylced six pack beer cartons into  adorable holders that can be used as  gift holders. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of what the original carton looked like. They were white and  they came as beer holders-6 beers to a pack in a box of twenty-four beers. Ok–that just makes it sound like we drink a lot of beer. We don’t drink that much beer.

This would be so cute as a snack gift box. Just add assorted snacks to each section. Maybe a craft beer or bottle of pop. You can use different paper so that it is appropriate for the occasion. How about baby paper and filling with baby items? The ideas of how to decorate these boxes are endless.

All I did was measure each side and cut the scrapbook paper to size. Attach using adhesive. The handle was a bit tricky. I measured that area then traced the handle opening and cut it out I did this twice-once for each side of the handle opening.

A while back I had purchased some pop in the six-pack holder. I did nothing to alter the holder and am using it as a twine holder.

I think this a great idea but my daughter didn’t agree! I had exactly six large rolls of twine that fit perfectly in this holder. I think it’s adorable and useful!

What do you do to help save our earth? Let me know! I would love some more ideas!

Have a great day!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!



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