Recycled Container



Happy Hump Day! It’s been quiet around here and I am so ok with that. It’s been kind of dreary around here so we’ve been sleeping a lot!

My purse is usually a hot mess. Sometimes I just throw things-expensive things in my bag and don’t give it a second thought. Shame on me! When I was cleaning out my purse a few weeks ago I came across my blue tooth and ear buds just thrown in a pocket. As I was cleaning out some craft supplies I also found an empty Stampin’ Up! button container. I thought “What can I do with this container”? How about removing the labels on it as much as possible and decorating it?

After removing the labels as much as possible I just punched out two circles to fit/cover the label area and adhered them. For the sides of the container I just wrapped it in washi tape. Walaaa…a reusable pretty container.

This little container has helped me take good care of my ear buds and blue tooth and has helped me be a bit more organized!

Happy Day!





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