Always-Scrapbook Saturday



It’s National Scrapbook Day! I feel bad that I haven’t done Scrapbook Saturday in quite a while. I feel like I’ve kind of lost my umph for scrapbooking. I am sure I will get my mojo back eventually. Scrapbooking isn’t always easy. It’s time consuming, a bit expensive and requires quite a bit of ideas and creativity but I do enjoy it!

I feel almost like a historian when I scrapbook. I love taking pictures and telling the story of an event, person or place. It’s almost magical when you look back on those pictures.

My grandmother passed away in December. I scrapbooked this picture of our hands together back in September of 2012. I absolutely love this picture.

That particular day I was hanging out with my Abuelita. I was putting lotion on her hands and she said that our hands were very different. I asked her why they were different and she responded that hers were old and mine were young. If she only knew that I was kind of old too and that my hands look nothing like they did when I was fifteen. I love this picture more than I can say. I think I might have a canvas made of this picture to remind me of how lucky I was to have her.

Go scrapbook! Get your craft on and enjoy!



Supplies:  Stampin’ Up!, Stickles, misc. stickers




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