Modern Vintage Gift Bag



I am exhausted! It never fails that the last two weeks of work before going on vacation is exhausting. I mean all I want to do is lay around and watch TV after work. My body feels like I have the flu but I don’t. I just need to push on! I am going to feel the same way after vacation and I get back to work…I will be sure to have plenty of rest on vacation! I have already started getting ready for vacation by buying several books to read. I can’t believe I found these awesome books at the thrift store.

Remember these negative heart embellishments I made a while back? I used them to make a little gift bag for Teacher Appreciation Day for a friend of mine. I stuck a pack of gum into the bag to let her now how “extra” special she is.

All I did was adhere the embellishment onto the favor bag and add the fringed paper. Something like this would be so pretty for a bridal shower.

I love making stuff like this!



Supplies:  Wilton, misc supplies,vintage book page, Pick Your Plum


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