Baby Boy Onesie Tag



Don’t you just love when someone says to you “You’re just like your mother” or “You’re just like your father”? My best friend is constantly telling me that I am just like my mom and I get so mad! Who else would I be like? Well, the funny thing is that sometimes I just catch myself whistling like my dad does and all I can do is smile. Or sometimes I catch myself running my finger around my mouth like my grandma used to do. I don’t mind those things at all.

One thing that I  have that my mother doesn’t is a bit of craftiness. I should rephrase that-she is in her own way and I am crafty in my own way. I totally love paper crafts as you already know. I was on a baby kick and made the cutest baby tags. Here is one of them.

I like using cute tags on kraft gift bags so that way it’s the tag that pops.

Have a marvelous day!



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