Copy Cat Boutique Picture Frame



Over spring break my family and I went to Geneva. It’s the cutest town. We love to shop there and have lunch there. I love picture frames. There are some beautiful frames at the shops in Geneva which I hate to say but they are a bit too expensive for my taste. So, yes, I am a caser or if you will a copy cat. I had seen a beautiful frame that was in the vicinity of $25.00-$30.00. It was pretty easy to come up with a plan for casing this frame. Here is my version.

I should have taken a picture of the frame before putting the picture on it. I love, love, love the way this frame turned out.  I had some thin canvas frames that I had  bought at the dollar store. It was a two pack for $1.00. I used some painters tape to block off the areas that I did not want any paint on. I had some left over silver paint at home and just painted over the entire frame including the painters tape. I let the paint dry for about 24 hours and removed the tape. It was too cute! I hot glued a hand-made bow to the frame and then adhered a vintage earring (with the backing pulled off). I glittered up a small clothes pin and also hot glued it to the frame. I already had the plate stand but I think I had also purchased that at the dollar store. How cute did this come out! I absolutely love it! This would be adorable as a gift, a favor, for table numbers at weddings. The ideas and colors that could be used are endless.

I will be taking this frame with me to my new school office. After working in the same school office for fifteen years I decided to take the plunge and move on to another school. I am both excited and grateful for this new adventure. I can’t wait to start in my new office at the end of July.

I loved making this picture frame and I hope you have the opportunity to try making it. It just makes an awesome addition to any room.

Happy day!





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