Vintage Love



The weather has been super dreary! I am surprised I can stay up during the day-but I guess that’s because I’ve been taking a nap every evening. Ugh! Totally not being productive at home!

You know that i love vintage and antique things. A couple of months ago my husband and I went to a local thrift store and I could have fainted! Sitting there, up on the top shelf was a beautiful pitcher that matched a bar set that I have. OMG! It was only like $4.00. I snatched it up right away! What are the odds!

I just love the color! You can see my bar set here.

I am quite sad that this year I did not make it to Kane County Flea Market. By the time the weather was nice enough to go I was off on vacation and things have been so busy since I got back that I haven’t even had time to devote to a full day at the flea market. I am looking forward to going next year.

Keep your eyes open. Treasures are everywhere!



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