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Recycled Jewelry Boxes



I am back here after passing, YES, passing my hearing screening tech test and practicum! The last two months have been extremely difficult due to studying for my vision and hearing screening tests. I was so stressed and worried about passing these tests that I feel like I kind of hid at home just studying. But I am free now! I’ve also been dealing just with everyday life which isn’t always easy.

So by now you know I like to recycle whatever I can. A couple of years ago I hosted a jewelry party. When I received my jewelry I saved all the little boxes that it came in. They were too cute to throw out (this sounds like an excuse)! I figured I could use those boxes somewhere down the line. And I have…

The boxes were already pretty, but they had the name of the jewelry company right smack in the middle of the lid. All I did was die cut a bow in a matching color and adhered it where the name of the company was. On another box I just hot glued a flower embellishment. It can’t be any easier.

I stashed a little gift in the box and gave it to my Secret Valentine (I was her Secret Cupid) at work. We had so much fun doing Secret Cupid. You can call me cheap, frugal, earth saver…I will totally own all of those!

Happy Monday!