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Decorated Steno Pads



I hope everyone is doing great! I’ve been kind of missing in action on my blog. Do I have an excuse? Kind of but not really…just life in general! Since my mom was sick back in November of last year I just kind of felt like I had one thing after another going on.

Quick run down… My mom was sick in November and December of last year so it was crazy busy. Then I studied and passed my vision and hearing tests I needed to be able to do screenings at school. My son graduated from NIU and is currently working. Yay! I went to Florida for 2 weeks this summer and had a great time with my sisters and my two youngest. My baby started high school this August and I went back to work for the new school year. Things just seem a bit off since last November but I’m hoping everything smooths out! I did about 4 canning sessions and have salsa to last me a loooong time! Last week my bestie and I finally made it to Kane County Flea Market…I love that place!  There’s been all sorts of other things in between all that so life in general has just been busy.

Today I have some decorated steno pads to share. I gifted these to my two sister in laws for Mother’s Day this year.

I don’t know any Mom who does not write lists! I am a total list maker both at work and at home. That doesn’t mean that I cross everything off my lists but at least I have good intentions!

I love using cute notepads for everything, especially at work. At the end of the day I like to close my cute notepad and feel a bit accomplished although there are days that I work all day and feel like nothing was accomplished!

Have a great week!

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things! If I don’t post here I am always posting to my Instagram or my Facebook so follow me!

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