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Testing! Testing!



Yes, I’m still alive! I’ve been gone for a is just busy, busy!

Let me catch you up a bit!

So I had my foot surgery on my right foot in June and it’s feeling so much better now than it was before.

I had a great vacation with my family this year!


Who wouldn’t think that sunset is beautiful! That’s actually some of my family. One of my favorite things during vacation was eating the Cuban Sandwich I fell in love with last year.


I love those sandwiches so much that I would fight for them!

We went to a few new restaraunts this summer too. I’ve done a lot of eating and I am not proud of it but it was soooo good!


We went to two weddings and a Quinceañera this summer that were fabulous and fun!


This is a picture of me and Pitbull…I mean my husband!

After my summer break I went back to work and literally felt like I had the flu or have been dragged by a truck. It takes quite a while to get used to being on a schedule again. But I’m on schedule now and trying to be productive. It’s hard when all I want to do is come home and take a nap after work!

I even did a 5K along with my daughter and my husband. I didn’t run but am happy that I made it walking!


Fall is here and I am loving the weather and waiting for one of my siblings who has young kids to invite me pumpkin picking! I love pumpkins!

Yesterday I had some appointments and we stopped to have lunch at a Puerto Rican restaurants in Chicago.img_5142

OMG! This mofongo with shrimp in red sauce was amazing. If you like Puerto Rican food go to Ponce in Chicago. It’s a small place but has delicious food and the staff is super friendly! We are definitely going back.

And that’ my story…to be continued!

If you follow me you know I have not been blogging lately but I am usually posting on  Instagram at @micasayourcasa or on Facebook at Mi Casa is Your Casa. Follow me!

Have a Happy Day!




New Year, 2015



Feliz Año Nuevo, Happy New Year !

Do you have any resolutions? I have not made one single resolution. I figure I will just roll with the year and see what happens! Pretty much like every other year! I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year and that it brings you love, happiness and good health!




One Pot Andouille Sausage Skillet Pasta & Vacation



I am back from vacation. Wow! I never realized that five weeks is actually a long time to be away from home! I had a very relaxing and restful vacation. We did a whole lot of nothing! There was sleeping in, late breakfasts, naps, ice cream every day, lots of pop drinking and so many other things! Who wouldn’t want  nature and a river about  a five-minute walk from home? It was marvelous. We primarily stayed in the town where my parents live and went away for a weekend in the “big” city to do some sight-seeing. I am so grateful to my Dad for allowing us to stay with him. We all enjoyed many, many hours sitting on the porch talking or just being. We ate all sorts of food and snacks. I actually ate the best burgers ever there. I am going to try to re-create them. I am looking forward to going back soon! To check out some of my vacation pictures look for me on instagram at micasayourcasa. Or look for me on Facebook at Mi Casa is Your Casa.

Here are just a few of my vacation pictures.

This makes me want to cry! What natural beauty!


This was at the Plaza de Armas in the City of Durango, Durango, Mexico. Our weekend trip there was full of food and sightseeing. There was no time to rest!

Here I am at a night time cemetery tour…

This is the best hamburger in the world…It may not be the prettiest but it will make you dance for more!

I will probably be adding more pictures to instagram so go ahead and check them out.

Today was my first day at my new school as secretary. I am so excited and am ready to tackle it all! The next few weeks will be an adventure and I am ready for it!

I have a recipe for you today! This is so cheesy it is almost sinful!

One Pot Andouille Sausage Skillet Dinner


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 1 (12.8-ounce) package smoked andouille sausage, thinly sliced
  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 1 (14.5-ounce) can diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 8 ounces elbows pasta
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 cup shredded pepper jack cheese


  • Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add garlic, onion and sausage, and cook, stirring frequently, until sausage is lightly browned, about 3-4 minutes.
  • Stir in chicken brown, tomatoes, milk and pasta; season with salt and pepper, to taste. Bring to a boil; cover, reduce heat and simmer until pasta is cooked through, about 12-14 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and top with cheese. Cover until cheese has melted, about 2 minutes.
  • Serve immediately.

I had never had Andouille Sausage and it was mighty tasty!

I have to say that food in Mexico is so much simpler…I think I might have lost a pound or two and am sure I will be gaining it back if I start eating foods like this delicious one pot meal!

Have a great day!





Recipe Source Damn Delicious






Slow Cooker Italian Sausage and White Beans



We are finally at a three-day weekend. I have been looking forward to this weekend for five weeks now! That’s how long I have been back at work after a long vacation.

Who doesn’t love the slow cooker or crock pot? In Spanish  my mom and I call it the “olla huevona” or lazy pot. I guess we call it that because it makes cooking easier on us and just sits all day or night cooking delicious meals! Crock pot cooking is great! It took a while for my husband to come around to eating meals from the crock pot but then again he didn’t have a choice!

This Italian Sausage and White Beans was so tasty.

Slow Cooker Italian Sausage and White Beans

  • 1 pkg. (5 links) Turkey Italian Sausage
  • 1 lb. dried white beans, soaked overnight or at least 8 hours
  • 2 stalks celery, cut into pieces
  • 3-4 large cloves garlic
  • 3 sage leaves plus 10 more for Crockpot
  • 1/2 tsp. ground fennel (optional, but good)
  • 1 can (14.5 oz.) diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup water (rinse out tomato can and deglaze frying pan)


In large soup pot, put soaked beans, celery, garlic, and three sage leaves. Add enough water to cover beans by a few inches and cook at low simmer until beans are starting to soften, about one hour and 15 minutes.  (Remember they will cook a little more in the slow cooker, so they shouldn’t be “falling apart” tender at this point.

While beans are cooking, brown the sausage well in a frying pan (or you can roast them in the oven if you prefer.)  Let cool enough to handle and cut each sausage into diagonal pieces.  (Browning the sausage adds a lot of flavor, so I usually brown the cut ends as well after they’re firm enough to cut.)

Drain beans, keeping garlic and discarding celery and sage. Chop garlic pieces. Add beans, chopped garlic, diagonally cut sausage pieces, 10 sage leaves,  canned tomatoes with juice and ground fennel (if using) to Crockpot. Rinse out tomato can with 1/2 cup water, then deglaze frying pan with that water, scraping off browned drippings, and pour into crockpot. Cook on high 2-3 hours, or until flavors are well blended. Serve hot.

I cannot tell you how tasty this was. And healthy. And inexpensive. This is a great addition to any slow cooker recipes you might already have.
I have my last summer read to share with you.
This was a good book. It was nice reading a book in which the main characters (the entire book really) had such an ethnic background. It is the story of a young girl who is engaged to be married but then starts a search for her biological father which brings her to the United States and to a world completely different from her own.
I need to push myself to continue reading throughout the year!
On another note I have tried out some new lip creams and lipsticks that I absolutely love!
I have used these for about two weeks now. The lipstick is moisturizing and not drying at all. The lip cream is even better than the lipstick. It stays on for a super long time and is not drying either. I need to stop buying makeup!
Have a great day!
Recipe source kaylnskitchen


Banner Birthday



Happy Friday! I am thrilled! It has been a most difficult week. I am drained and will be buying some vitamins to help me out! I come home from work and I just want to sleep. Ever since I’ve been working in a school it has taken me two weeks to get back to my routine. This year seems different. It is just taking longer and I am exhausted, but maybe it’s just because I am older!

And older, and older! I am celebrating a birthday this Sunday! I am not embarrassed about my age like a lot of women are. I wear my age proudly! Sure I am not as thin or as beautiful as I would like to be but I must say (and other have told me too!) that I do not look my age. I hope they weren’t saying it just to be nice. I am turning 45 on Sunday. I come from two families with long lives so I hope I live many, many more years. I can also say something else…I have not gotten one gray hair. Nobody believes me but I am really telling the truth! OK-so I’m tootin’ my own horn. pattin’ myself on the back, being vain…I don’t do it very often so there it is!

Besides myself I have two other friends celebrating birthdays this weekend. Happy Birthday, Kelly and Barb! It’s a birthday card kind of day!

This card was put together very simply and using some scraps too! A little sewing goes a long way!

Have a great day!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, PTI, Amanda Blue, misc. paper, misc. buttons

Girly Get Well



It’s Monday and it’s my first day back at work after being on vacation for a while. I was ready to get back to work I am just going to miss my kids! Let the productivity begin…

This past weekend was definitely a movie weekend. On Friday I went to see The Heat with Julissa. It was a very funny movie. On Saturday night after getting over a massive all day headache I went to see Wolverine.   It was very good. A little too much “kung-foo” fighting for my taste but all in all it was a good movie. I have never seen X-Men or any related movie so it was nice seeing Hugh Jackman in such wonderful shape!

So I have been learning how to apply makeup watching tutorials and by being harassed by Julissa. I had seen some makeup from BH cosmetics being used in some of the tutorials and figured I’d buy some palettes to practice with…like I don’t have enough! Anyway I received them  and the colors are stunning! The first time I used them they reminded me of the really cheap makeup that I had purchased when I was in high school.  According to Julissa I didn’t like it because I didn’t know how to us it! Whatever! Every day I use it I like it better and better. I guess it’s all about building up the color…I’m learning!

I also ordered a brush set so that I can have the proper tools. I had to write the purpose of each brush on the brushes…I don’t want to forget!

I don’t craft too much over the summer. I think it’s because my crafting area is in the basement and I don’t want to be down there in the summer. I don’t mind in the winter! I also can’t craft during the day. I feel like my “artistic” or “craftiness” hits me in the evenings. Am I the only one like this? My husband says something is wrong with me! But of course I totally disagree with him.  I have a girly get well card for you today that I made in the evening!

I really like the way this turned out. It has a lot of texture to it. I have always wanted to buy the flourish designs made out of rhinestones but they are so expensive! I made my own flourish on this card using Stickles. Love that stuff!  I hope I don’t have to use this card! Stay healthy, friends!



Supplies: My Mind’s Eye, Beckett, Stampin’ Up!, PTI, Stickles, Bazzil, muslin fabric

Handmade Envelopes



So in the course of my vacation I have done a lot of little things. I have tried to keep busy here at home while still being productive. So what have I done? I have made a million envelopes…OK, maybe not a million!

I realize that this is not a new craft but I have a lot of scrap paper that more than likely I won’t use for scrapbooking or card making.Why not use it in another way instead of throwing it out or donating it somewhere?   I used the Martha Stewart Scoring Board to make my envies. You can also open an envelope that you have and trace, score and fold your envelope. Make sure you use a good adhesive on your envelopes.

I also made some envelopes out of the pages of a huge vintage map book. Add some cute labels  or even just plain white labels to the envelopes to make them even cuter.

You can even do some stamping on the envelopes. How cute are they? Now I have a bunch of handmade,personalized,cute envelopes!

Have a great day!