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The gift of wine and Milwaukee



It’s finally spring break! It’s the first spring break that I have ever had without kids…and it’s weird!

Since we have no kids right now (my youngest is at Disney with the choir) we decided to go to Milwaukee for 2 days. We went on two beer tours and had so much fun!


Lakefront Brewery was amazing. The tour guide was hilarious and was very knowledgable. The Miller tour was great too—that place is huge! I am not going to lie—the beer samples were sooo good. We are panning to go back when we might have an additional Designated Driver. We didn’t do any tours on the second day because we did not want to drink then drive home. The thing I found weird about Milwaukee was that there was absolutely no traffic! We stayed downtown and it seemed like a ghost town. Nothing like the hustle and bustle of Chicago!

What can I say about the food? WOW! If you are in Milwaukee you must eat at the Red Rock Saloon. I had the absolute best burger of my life there! The hamburger was juicy and messy…just like a hamburger should be!


Another place to eat is the St. Paul Fish Market at the Public Market. The Crab Cake Sandwich was delicious!


Needless to say we didn’t have anything healthy really! Next time around we’ll go when hopefully there are more visitors so we can check out more brewery tours and some nightlife.

Since Milwaukee is all about beer I figured this is a good post to share a simple wine packaging idea. A friend of mine graduated with her masters in December. She loves wine so what better gift than that?

I had gone out to buy the wine and get this—the cashier put the wine in the wine kraft bag used for wine and accidentally left a few bags stuck to it. I get so excited about the weirdest things. I decided to decorate one of the kraft bags for gift giving.


The decorating was easy-no directions needed. I also decided to dress up the wine bottle with a wine tag.IMG_3184

Can it get any easier? I think not!

Have a great day!



Suplies: Stampin’ Up!, free wine bag, Michaels



Valentine’s Post It Pad



Are you in the mood for love? If you’re not you should get into it–Valentines Day is almost here! I believe I am a hopeless romantic at heart. But I’m also cynical about love. When I hear that someone is getting married first I think—suckers! Then I’m like awww how romantic!

Love is love. It’s beyond anything material, sometimes it’s beyond our reach, sometimes it’s the most beautiful thing ever and other times it’s the worst thing every! We’ll never understand it…

But materialistic or not getting gifts on Valentines Day is awesome!

I made this adorable post it holder for my swap group.  The embossing of the sentiment gave it a little elegance.


Isn’t it lovely? I used the embellishments that I made a while back with vintage sheet music.


The inside cover has a paper that’s a bit more modern.This comes together very quickly so you still have time to make some.  This is the perfect little gift for anyone who you:

  1. Love
  2. Like
  3. is addicted to paper

and many other reasons which I’ll let you come up with!

Happy Wednesday!



Supplies: Stampin’Up!, vintage sheet music, misc. supplies


Christmas Tag 2015



So I believe I’ve been making myself suffer more than I have to. I am doing as little as possible right now so that my foot  heals really well. People might think I’m trying to milk it and I’m being lazy but I’m not (my family won’t allow they’re pretty spoiled.)…I’m just trying to literally get back on my feet. I  am used to doing everything at home from working all day,  cleaning, cooking and dealing with the everyday stuff. So it’s hard just lying around being bored. Thanksgiving Day I was on my feet all day. I could barely walk for the next two days. The pain in my feet was excruciating-it needs to go! So I’m a little crabby-big deal. I’ll get over it and my family will too. I have to do something for myself once in a while.

Anyway…about two weeks ago I made my Christmas tags for this year. The funny thing is that I have only been able to use it on one gift! Since I am not going up and down the stairs my daughter has helped me wrap a few gifts and she missed putting the tag on. What am I going to do–nothing.


It’s the easiest tag to make and you can use paper scraps and recycle some pop tabs. Easy and cute.

OK…I’m going back to the couch now to watch like my 50th movie in a week! I sometimes post more on my  Instagram or here on Facebook so check them out.




Supplies:  misc. pop tabs, Stampn’Up!, misc. paper


Decorated Kraft Bags



Happy Monday!

Here I am…on vacation, nice quiet morning. I have no obligations or responsibilities today other than what I have to do at home. It’s pretty nice. Shame on me but I am sure that in two weeks I will be ready to go back to work. I am so accustomed to being busy all day. But I am going to relax read some books, cook, enjoy the time.

By now you all know that I enjoy crafting. I try to do as much crafting as possible when I am home but lately I don’t have much mojo for it. I need to find that mojo because I have tons of pictures waiting to be scrapbooked!

I do have some cute little bags for you to check out!

These little cute bags were so easy to make. If you have scraps then use them. Washi tape? Use it too. Handmade embellishments? A must! I’ve used all this and more on these adorable bags. They can be used to gift handmade cards, gift cards or any small gift.

They are not all matchy matchy but that gives them a bit of charm!

There is something so old-fashioned about these flat kraft bags that I love. Someone I love bought them for me through Uline. You could probably find some plain craft bags to purchase on ETSY , ebay or other places.

I love keeping some of these on hand!

Have a great day!



Supplies:  Uline, Stampin’ Up, Pick your Plum, misc. items

Christmas Tag, 2014



As I type this post my kitchen looks like I emptied out every single kitchen cabinet! I am making more popcorn to give as food gifts.

The weather is beautiful right now! It’s the perfect day for going downtown but we haven’t made it there this winter yet.

This years Christmas tag is super duper easy to make.

I used the chalkboard technique and added some bling as well.

Ok, I’m off to finish making popcorn and try to clean up a bit!

Supplies: Stampin’ Up! Misc items

Have a great day!


Give Thanks



I hope everyone is well!

I have been quite buys going to my parents house almost everyday to make sure my mom eats something and takes her meds. It’s been a bit hectic and I have been unable to post like I usually do. I think my moms recuperation is going to take a while so I will be running around crazy for a bit of the  near future.  I wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that I am thankful for many, many things. I have been very blessed. I am also thankful for you! Thank you for hanging in there with me and checking out my blog.

I usually send out a Thanksgiving card to my best friends but this year things  were too busy to even get cards done. I did make at least one card and I love the way it turned out.  This card is simple, has minimum stamping and yet makes and impact with the top layer.

I am currently doing like 5 things at one time. I am posting this, have a cake in the oven and in the process of making something else. Thanksgiving will be here at my house and I am getting everything ready.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy  your time with family and friends!

If you are Black Friday Shopping good luck to you…I will be sleeping comfortably  in my bed through all that madness!



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Good Heavens



It’s a busy week! I have things going on with my girls and my parents so the rest of the week there will be no napping!

It’s amazing how card making has changed in the last four years or so. When I started making cards about 10-12 years ago it was al about just using stamps on your cards. Now and for the last two or three years it’s all about not stamping on your cards. It’s more about using different types of papers and embellishments.

This card is a good example of that with minimum stamping.

I only used one stamp on this card. Card making has come a long way!

Happy Hump Day!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, Wilton, PTI