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The gift of wine and Milwaukee



It’s finally spring break! It’s the first spring break that I have ever had without kids…and it’s weird!

Since we have no kids right now (my youngest is at Disney with the choir) we decided to go to Milwaukee for 2 days. We went on two beer tours and had so much fun!


Lakefront Brewery was amazing. The tour guide was hilarious and was very knowledgable. The Miller tour was great too—that place is huge! I am not going to lie—the beer samples were sooo good. We are panning to go back when we might have an additional Designated Driver. We didn’t do any tours on the second day because we did not want to drink then drive home. The thing I found weird about Milwaukee was that there was absolutely no traffic! We stayed downtown and it seemed like a ghost town. Nothing like the hustle and bustle of Chicago!

What can I say about the food? WOW! If you are in Milwaukee you must eat at the Red Rock Saloon. I had the absolute best burger of my life there! The hamburger was juicy and messy…just like a hamburger should be!


Another place to eat is the St. Paul Fish Market at the Public Market. The Crab Cake Sandwich was delicious!


Needless to say we didn’t have anything healthy really! Next time around we’ll go when hopefully there are more visitors so we can check out more brewery tours and some nightlife.

Since Milwaukee is all about beer I figured this is a good post to share a simple wine packaging idea. A friend of mine graduated with her masters in December. She loves wine so what better gift than that?

I had gone out to buy the wine and get this—the cashier put the wine in the wine kraft bag used for wine and accidentally left a few bags stuck to it. I get so excited about the weirdest things. I decided to decorate one of the kraft bags for gift giving.


The decorating was easy-no directions needed. I also decided to dress up the wine bottle with a wine tag.IMG_3184

Can it get any easier? I think not!

Have a great day!



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Valentine’s Post It Pad



Are you in the mood for love? If you’re not you should get into it–Valentines Day is almost here! I believe I am a hopeless romantic at heart. But I’m also cynical about love. When I hear that someone is getting married first I think—suckers! Then I’m like awww how romantic!

Love is love. It’s beyond anything material, sometimes it’s beyond our reach, sometimes it’s the most beautiful thing ever and other times it’s the worst thing every! We’ll never understand it…

But materialistic or not getting gifts on Valentines Day is awesome!

I made this adorable post it holder for my swap group.  The embossing of the sentiment gave it a little elegance.


Isn’t it lovely? I used the embellishments that I made a while back with vintage sheet music.


The inside cover has a paper that’s a bit more modern.This comes together very quickly so you still have time to make some.  This is the perfect little gift for anyone who you:

  1. Love
  2. Like
  3. is addicted to paper

and many other reasons which I’ll let you come up with!

Happy Wednesday!



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Decorated Steno Pads



I hope everyone is doing great! I’ve been kind of missing in action on my blog. Do I have an excuse? Kind of but not really…just life in general! Since my mom was sick back in November of last year I just kind of felt like I had one thing after another going on.

Quick run down… My mom was sick in November and December of last year so it was crazy busy. Then I studied and passed my vision and hearing tests I needed to be able to do screenings at school. My son graduated from NIU and is currently working. Yay! I went to Florida for 2 weeks this summer and had a great time with my sisters and my two youngest. My baby started high school this August and I went back to work for the new school year. Things just seem a bit off since last November but I’m hoping everything smooths out! I did about 4 canning sessions and have salsa to last me a loooong time! Last week my bestie and I finally made it to Kane County Flea Market…I love that place!  There’s been all sorts of other things in between all that so life in general has just been busy.

Today I have some decorated steno pads to share. I gifted these to my two sister in laws for Mother’s Day this year.

I don’t know any Mom who does not write lists! I am a total list maker both at work and at home. That doesn’t mean that I cross everything off my lists but at least I have good intentions!

I love using cute notepads for everything, especially at work. At the end of the day I like to close my cute notepad and feel a bit accomplished although there are days that I work all day and feel like nothing was accomplished!

Have a great week!

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things! If I don’t post here I am always posting to my Instagram or my Facebook so follow me!

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Ice Cream Cone Birthday & Weekend Wanderings



Mother Nature is playing with my emotions. I get teased for a few days and I get to wear some peep toes shoes. The next day I am wearing boots again. Please, Mother Nature send me some really nice weather that will stay for a long while. I’m done with the teasing!

It has been busy and also lazy here. Some days are pretty busy others I find myself just laying around!

Last weekend we went to a food truck festival. I learned about it on facebook and have always wanted to eat food from a food truck. Why? I don’t even know.

I thought the food was a little pricey. This was a sampler from an asian food truck. It included a Lemon Grass Chicken Taco, Pork Belly Slider and Filet Mignon Slider. The chicken was delicious! It had such a fresh taste. The pork belly was not my thing! I don’t like gooey fat. The beef slider was ok. More than anything this sampler just looked pretty!

I had to have a Lobster and Crab Roll so I waited almost two hours in line. It was funny because for the first hour everyone was real chatty and happy. When we were in the second hour a lot of people around us stopped being so happy (including us) we just stood there quietly because of the long wait and in my case my feet were killing me! And I felt that the rolls were just OK. My husband only took one bite out of the lobster roll.

The lines, OH, the lines! I waited 2 hours for some jerk chicken that truthfully would have tasted better if I had made it at home. I was so crabby by the time we got the jerk chicken that I didn’t even take a picture of it.

I have experienced a food truck festival and will never go again. I sound like a big downer. Maybe I’m too old for that kind of thing…NAH! It was the long waits in line that made me the most unhappy. It was nice to get home and put my feet up!

A while back I made this birthday card but I don’t think I ever posted it so here it is. Isn’t it cute?

I like the gatefold card because of the way it opens up. Just a little different than the everyday card.

Thanks for stopping by! We’ll chat again soon!



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Recycled Jewelry Boxes



I am back here after passing, YES, passing my hearing screening tech test and practicum! The last two months have been extremely difficult due to studying for my vision and hearing screening tests. I was so stressed and worried about passing these tests that I feel like I kind of hid at home just studying. But I am free now! I’ve also been dealing just with everyday life which isn’t always easy.

So by now you know I like to recycle whatever I can. A couple of years ago I hosted a jewelry party. When I received my jewelry I saved all the little boxes that it came in. They were too cute to throw out (this sounds like an excuse)! I figured I could use those boxes somewhere down the line. And I have…

The boxes were already pretty, but they had the name of the jewelry company right smack in the middle of the lid. All I did was die cut a bow in a matching color and adhered it where the name of the company was. On another box I just hot glued a flower embellishment. It can’t be any easier.

I stashed a little gift in the box and gave it to my Secret Valentine (I was her Secret Cupid) at work. We had so much fun doing Secret Cupid. You can call me cheap, frugal, earth saver…I will totally own all of those!

Happy Monday!




Valentine’s Tag



How is everyone? I passed my vision screening exam last month! I was so happy to finish studying…just to start studying for the hearing screening exam! I’ve been working hard and dealing with home stuff. I’ve also been kind of feeling the winter blues! I can’t wait for spring! I have had my fill of snow for the winter. I can’t wait to open the windows and let a nice warm breeze come in…

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I absolutely love Valentine’s day. This year things don’t seem so festive with studying and dealing with personal issues but I am sure things will get better so that I can enjoy Valentine’s day.

We are doing Secret Cupid at school. I absolutely love doing Secret Cupid. I love getting little gifts each day. It’s surprising how one little gift can make your day.

I made this tag to attach to my recipients bigger last day gift.

This tag was really easy to make and turned out so cute.

Do you have Valentine’s plans? We try not to spend too much on ourselves when there are other more important expenses, but I still try to do a little something for my husband!

Have a great day!



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Christmas Tag, 2014



As I type this post my kitchen looks like I emptied out every single kitchen cabinet! I am making more popcorn to give as food gifts.

The weather is beautiful right now! It’s the perfect day for going downtown but we haven’t made it there this winter yet.

This years Christmas tag is super duper easy to make.

I used the chalkboard technique and added some bling as well.

Ok, I’m off to finish making popcorn and try to clean up a bit!

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Have a great day!